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Android Developer



Software Engineering
Gurugram, Haryana, India
Posted on Thursday, August 31, 2023

About Us: At (a Y-Combinator startup), there is an anomaly in the world that retailing via physical stores is still very complex. You can set up your web store in hours, but setting up a physical store is very complex and littered with ad-hoc choices. We are building a plug-and-play expansion solution for retail chains which will digitize the supply chain of materials, and labor and also allow expanding retailers to track their projects with the click of a button. In this pursuit, we have built more than 1000+ stores for 50+ brands in India, and plan to start delivering 500 stores every month in the next 12 months. We are not stopping at just building stores, our plan is to create a system to manage the store throughout its life cycle. Brands should be able to buy equipment (Racks, Mannequins, Kitchen equipment), hire and manage manpower, and maintain the store with a single laptop.

“We are building an operating system for physical retailing!”. It is a $1Tn market opportunity globally.



Company Profile:

Android Developer

Job Title: Android Developer.

Total Experience - 2+ Years.

Kotlin Experience - 1+ Years.

Key Requirements :

● B. S. or M. S. Computer Science or 2+ years of android app development experience.

● Experience in building Android applications in Kotlin using Android SDK.

● Good knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms.

● Good knowledge of writing code following Clean Architecture with MVVM design pattern.

● Good knowledge of custom views on android.

● Good knowledge of drawing elements, and handling touch events on Canvas in android.(Drawing rectangles and Lines)

● Good understanding of S.O.L.I.D principles and its implementation in real code.

● Knowledge of Kotlin DSL.

● Good knowledge of Android Material Design Implementation with standard Material Guidelines

● Strong hands on experience on Dagger2 and Hilt Dependency Injection Frameworks.

● Strong understanding of object-oriented software development.

● Understanding of large and complex code bases, including API design techniques to help keep them clean and maintainable.

● Breaking large modules in small independent modules that are testable.

● Programming experience in Kotlin and related frameworks.

● Knowledge of multithreading and memory management specific to mobile devices and caching Mechanisms.

● Familiarity with popular android libraries/methods like OkHTTP, Retrofit, Room etc.

● Familiarity with the latest android platform changes.

● Some of our components are written in React native, having basic knowledge of React Native is a Plus.

Key responsibilities:

● Writing efficient android code in Kotlin following Clean Architecture with MVVM design pattern.

● Tracing and profiling android Kotlin code using Studio Profiler.

● Use Android architecture components.

● Work closely with our product and design teams to customize the app.

● Efficiently identify bottlenecks and fix bugs.

● Maintain code quality.

● Prototype new and redesign existing features.

● Keeping Code up-to-date with the latest Gradle Plugins.

● Writing modules as independent libraries that are reusable.

● Build and Release App bundles periodically on Play Store.

● Monitoring crashes on firebase and fixing them.

Working Days: Mon – Fri