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Full Stack Developer



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2023

A Renaissance person of the 21st century is a full stack developer

We believe a jack of all trades is critical to connect the dots and make innovation real. , experience, and culture. We are looking for a core team member to help design our products and bring amazing customer experiences to life.

Not all skills are required, but that's why we call it a wishlist.

  • Responsive application
  • API manangement
  • Application security

Languages (optional)

  • Java
  • Server side - Ruby, PHP or .NET

Technology Tools

  • Javascript frameworks - Angular JS, React, Amber
  • Databases - e.g. MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB
  • Google Cloud Platform
Some beliefs we would like to share in common. We value cognitive diversity and independent perspectives.
  • We believe in home ownership for our customers and equity ownership for employees
  • We believe that the best products aren't one hit wonders. They are part of systems and cultures that prioritize innovation.
  • We like to solve problems because the are fun. We pick problems that are valuable to solve.
  • You make the culture of where you work. We hope to make a culture that is conscious, caring, and fun.
  • Iteration is a key to success - Build, test, learn, iterate. A product is never final.
  • Teamwork is valuable, and individual contributors are equally value. If you prefer individual contributions, we like you just as much!
  • Management is a myth, we are builders, doers, and hackers.
  • Productivity is not a full calendar. We prefer empty calendars, full minds, busy hands, and some laughter along the way.
A company is a group of people with a shared ambition to make a difference
Why should you consider joining us.

You like to learn just as much as you earn.

You want to be equity stakeholder from day 1, not just an employee.

You want to help build reclaim the dream of homeownership for all.

You want to be part of a mission driven and innovative firm.