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Founding Engineer

Attain (YC W22)

Attain (YC W22)

Other Engineering
United States · California, USA · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2023
$120K - $230K / 0.50% - 2.00%
Berkeley, CA, US / Remote (US)
Job Type
1+ years
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Joseph Yeh

About the role

Why You?

  • You're excited by the opportunity to help shape the company's vision, culture, and product at this early stage and leading projects.
  • You have a passion for building products from scratch and are comfortable working across stacks and roles.
  • You’re a scrappy engineer not afraid to learn on the job and adapt to whatever the business needs at the moment.

Team Culture & Values:

  • Honest & Transparent. You get access to all our internal data and metrics and how the company is doing.
  • Can Grind (aka work longer hour / odd hours vs. a big tech company).
  • Ownership. You want to own what you're working on, from start to finish. From specs to launch. You care about your impact over title.
  • Risk Takers. We’re a seed stage startup. Everything we do is a huge hypothesis. You can thrive in an ambiguous environment and build things that might not work.
  • Feedback Oriented. We value feedback (internally and from customers) and strive to provide each other with valuable insights into how they can be better.
  • Autonomous. Can take vague requests and get them done without needing too much help. Can lead independent projects.
  • Focused. We’re disrupting an industry that is antiquated and not sexy. You care more about building a big business than the next hype thing (i.e. Fintech / AI).


  • Health, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • In office lunch / dinner
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Retreats / Off-sites
  • Professional Growth Stipend

About the interview

  • Intro call (30 mins) -a chat about your background and past experiences and see we're good fits for each other.
  • Technical Screen (1 hour) -a simple CRUD app using react + any backend language/framework of your choosing. OR a technical deep dive into one full-stack project you've built.
  • Technical Screen (1 hour) - a live debugging or practical coding interview that simulates working at Attain (no leetcode). Could include but not limited to making API calls, debugging live Attain code, etc.
  • Onsite (2 hours) - last interview with a technical design question + behavioral / cultural questions.


Our interview process takes a month from start to finish. This tends to be mostly based on our team and your availability. We move as fast as possible and can accommodate to a shorter timeline.

About Attain

Currently, over 150K convenience store owners waste countless hours buying inventory through handwritten lists at massive warehouses and transact from over 10-15 different suppliers every single week. These store owners are severely impacted by inventory shortages and revenue losses which often causes them to downsize their business or shut their operations down completely.

We built Attain to disrupt this $144B industry and solve the extremely fragmented and antiquated process by aggregating supplier inventory while providing our customers with price transparency, reliability and brand discovery.

Attain helps stores save significant time and money while allowing them to focus on what they do best - growing their businesses. We’re searching for for passionate and ambitious builders with the ability to help grow the company while growing with us.