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Destinus is developing an extremely fast aircraft capable of moving cargo between continents in 1-2 hours. This vehicle will be a hybrid between an airplane and a rocket—we call it a hyperplane. It will take off and land horizontally from airports using air-jet propulsion integrating seamlessly with other air when it passes controlled airspace. Once at a certain altitude and speed, the hyperplane will switch to a rocket engine that will accelerate the aircraft to hypersonic velocity. The rocket engine will use liquid hydrogen as fuel and liquid oxygen as an oxidizer. The air-jet engine will also use hydrogen as fuel. A unique hydrogen active cooling system will cool the leading edges and nose during hypersonic flight. Active cooling will allow steel to be used as a structural material, making it easier to fly and more economic to build. The hyperplane will complete its entire flight autonomously, from takeoff to landing, and transmit telemetry data via ground and satellite communication systems during flight.

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