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Destiny (D/XYZ)
Destiny (D/XYZ)


San Francisco, CA, USA


Finance · Professional Services


1 - 10 employees



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Over the last decade, we have spent our lives living and breathing the silicon valley start-up life. From coding in our living room to enacting hundred-million-dollar acquisitions, we came to Silicon Valley with a vision. We envisioned a future that many wrote off as unnecessary, but today is the inevitable future of the private market economy. But while we have thrived from the unparalleled growth and opportunity in the private market, the rest of the world has not. Instead, our friends and family stand outside, looking in as class divisions have widened, and a sense of inequality has become pervasive. In this time of growth — this era of technological wonder, innovation, and entrepreneurship — how can we do better? How can we scale the most significant opportunity of our generation? By providing public access to the private market. As a society, we must make innovation accessible, because making sure that the next generation of innovators can have ownership of the future is the first step in inspiring them to take ownership of the future. Invest in access for everyone, invest in shared future, invest in progress. D/XYZ is a future for everyone. Own a piece of the future, today.

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