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Cytotechnologist | Competitive Pay | Hospital-Based Setting



Martinez, CA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Job Description:

Incumbents perform procedures relating to the preparation, screening and preliminary diagnosis of cytological materials obtained from individuals; besides organizing further related work as essential. Technical track is acknowledged from the Senior Cytotechnologist or pathologist and supervision is provided by the Laboratory Manager.


  • The state of California Department of Health issued a valid license as a Cytotechnologist.
  • Two years full-time (or equivalent to full-time) professional experience performing cytological tests & analyses.

Skill sets:

Knowledge of:

  • Cytological terminology, methods and procedures.
  • The use and care of cytology instruments, equipment andsupplies.
  • Receives specimen material and slides from wards and clinics
  • Enters information in laboratory records
  • Processes the specimens
  • Stains and labels the slides for microscopic examinations
  • Examines smears of tissue for abnormalities of cell matter
  • Screens to identify atypical cells for referral to Pathologist
  • Assists physicians in preparation of slides for specialized procedures
  • Documents the slide interpretation results of each gynecological and non-gynecological cytology case
  • For each 24-hour period, records the number of slides examined and the amount of time spent examining slides
  • Prepares concentrated solutions of body secretions and prepares slides
  • Contacts other cytological labs to study abnormal smears
  • Advises and instructs other hospital personnel in proper methods of preparing cytological smears
  • Verifies and recommends new or modifies procedural and qualitative techniques
  • Records Papanicolaou test results and maintains records as required by the State and Health Care Facilities Act
  • Assists the radiologist at the scan table in preparation of smears and cell buttons from image guided FNA and makes microscopic assessment of adequacy, if needed
  • Assists the surgeon in the operating room in the stat preparation, staining and microscopic assessment for adequacy of all intraoperative FNA specimens
  • Advises and instructs hospital staff in matters related to cytopathology under the direction of pathologist
  • Maintains records in compliance with CLIA, other government regulations, professional organizations and laboratory policy