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Part Time | Licensed Clinical Social Worker | Bilingual (English/Spanish) | California, Remote



Posted on Friday, February 17, 2023

One of our clients is looking to hire a Bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), who shall have primary responsibility for coordinating all psychosocial community services under the general direction of the Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist. In accordance with procedures and protocols established by NHSI standards of practice, licensing, certificate, and other regulatory agencies requirements. Responsible for implementing community educational programs, assessing problems and determining appropriate types and methods of treatment, and implementing intervention methodologies; acts as Program Consultant to staff members with or without professional training; functions in such areas as counseling, protective services, and family services.


• Assist in the assessment, planning, arranging, and implementing of psychosocial programs

• Responsible for the content of education and counseling programs for both individual patients or groups of patients and serves as liaison to community, individuals, and groups as appropriate

• Counsel patients and interpret to professional and lay groups the special psychosocial needs of patients by identifying psychosocial disorders

• Counsel patients during pregnancy

• Conduct surveys and studies relating to the psychosocial status and patterns of population groups as directed

• Review and evaluate recent psychosocial health research and interpret it for professionals and patients

• Perform short-term counseling and crisis intervention as necessary

• Assist in the implementation of community and social programs as a professional counselor in accordance with NHSI grants/contracts with federal, state, and local agencies and mandates of service requirements with that grants/contract

• Conduct report writing on a quarterly basis or as needed on the Community Challenge Grant

• Prepare psychosocial educational materials as needed or required

• Coordinate with clinical, health education, community health, and other staff members in the provision of services to patients. Provide referrals for services needed

• Coordinate with other organizational entities involved in psychosocial and mental health services

• Use tests, measurements, and measurement scales for general and specific assessments as well as objective patient criteria in the provision of services and evaluation procedures

• Provide in-service presentations to staff as needed or required

• Provide community service information as an outreach worker such as required

• Conduct health-related educational presentations to both adults and teens in school and clinical settings


• Can practice independently LCSW – License as Clinical Social Worker. Must be Bilingual (English and Spanish)

• Experience in ambulatory care such as an FQHC health center preferred

• Must be a self-starter and is capable of managing staff and giving directions to others and working under pressure in certain cases

• Requires someone familiar with and sensitive to Hispanic culture, family customs, and child-rearing practices

• Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred

• Familiarity with multicultural groups, previous work experience in a multicultural setting, and willingness to enroll in language and multicultural coursework to supplement training if necessary