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Virtual Therapists | Flexible Schedule (Must be U.S. Based)



Posted on Friday, April 7, 2023

Join the world's largest online therapy platform.

Put simply: You provide the clinical expertise, we take care of everything else. And we mean everything else.


• Consistent referrals: Full clinical caseload can be established within the first 30 days.

• Zero overhead: No fees are collected from the therapist, ever.

• Flexible schedule: You are always in control of your schedule and appointment times.

• Engaged clients: You are connected with clients who fit your specific areas of expertise. Then, our platform provides clients with a wide variety of ways to connect with you so that they can best start their therapeutic journey: from scheduled live sessions, to shared journal entries, to audio and video messages, to clinical worksheets, to formal goal setting and tracking, and more.

• Autonomy over clinical decisions: You are the licensed and trained clinician. our platform will defer to your clinical judgment and expertise about the most effective and clinically appropriate approach for each client.

• Personalized marketing: You will have your own website and profile that is optimized for you based on your location, expertise, and availability.

• Resources to keep you connected: our platform has a strong and accessible peer community of over 20,000 therapists, available to you directly through the platform.

• Resources to support you: Therapists on the platform receive a free account - so you can dedicate time to your own self-care!

Who Should Apply:

• Therapists looking for an easy, all-in-one technology platform for telehealth.

• Therapists who want to focus 100% on clinical work - not on acquiring clients, billing, support, or operations. (We handle all of that!)

• Therapists who want a feature-rich platform that is constantly adding new clinical tools - not just video conferencing software.

• Therapists who want the opportunity to work with specific populations or presenting concerns.

• Therapists who are obsessed with privacy and confidentiality, and want a state-of-the-art technology platform with secure, encrypted phone, video, and text-based communication.


• Therapists must be fully licensed by a State Board to provide therapy independently and without supervision (e.g., LCSW, LPC, LMFT, PsyD or similar credentials).

NOTE: Unfortunately, if you are an intern or if you require supervision to provide therapy services, you cannot be a provider on BetterHelp at this time. Also, we are unable to accept substance abuse counselors, school counselors, registered nurses, career counselors, Christian counselors, and business coaches (unless they have an additional license as a mental health counselor).