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Exciting Gynecology Opportunity in Loganville, GA



Loganville, GA, USA
Posted on Friday, September 22, 2023

We are seeking BC Gynecology Physicians to join our clients team for an ongoing outpatient locum opportunity. We are flexible with the amount of days you're available to work per month!

- No deliveries
- Independent with experience in Surg Tech support - Staff General Surgeons available
- Malpractice coverage
- Online timesheets
- Weekly payroll

Typical Schedule (including call schedule, OR day, and surgeries required):
- 1-2 Days Clinic and 1 Day Surgery (Typically Fridays)
- Total of 3 days week

Must Haves:
- Tubal Reversal/Ligation
- Board Certified
- 2+ years' experience with Gynecology
- Positive attitude and ability to work well with others

Value add bonus skills:
- SPANISH SPEAKING and proficient at tubal reversals and ligations
- Mini Laparotomy
- Diagnostic laparoscopy
- Laparoscopy/chromotubation/Hysteroscopy
- Operative laparoscopy (endometriosis, bx)
- Laparoscopic removal tube and/or ovary
- Laparoscopic sterilization
- Anterior Colporraphy
- Posterior Colporrhaphy
- Anterior-Posterior repair Insertion of mesh/graft
- Sling Sacrocolpopexy-vaginal scan
- LEEP cone biopsy of cervix Dilatation and curettage
- Hysteroscopy, D&C
- Hysteroscopy, D+C, endometrial ablation
- Open myomectomy
- Lap Myomectomy
- Open Hysterectomy (Supracervical)
- Lap Hysterectomy (Supracervical)
- Tubal reversal
- Tubal reversal/Myomectomy
- Vulvectomy/labioplasty
- Laparoscopic intrauterine ovarian rejuvenation with PRP Intrauterine injection of PRP
- Hysterosalpingogram***

Please submit an application, if interested!