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Histotechnologist/Technician - DirectShifts PA



Philadelphia, PA, USA
Posted on Friday, January 19, 2024

Position Title: Histotechnologist/Technician

Job Summary

The Histotechnician performs laboratory tissue testing according to established procedures and protocols. The Histotechnician receives, processes, and prepares tissue samples for diagnosis using such procedures as embedding, microtomy, staining, cover-slipping, Immunohistochemistry and special stains.


Performing histological procedures including embedding, cutting, and staining surgical, biopsy and anatomical tissues for light and fluorescent microscopic slide review. Recognizes deviation from expected results and analyzes and corrects problems within established periods to expedite diagnosis.

Maintaining reagents and equipment in proper quantities and condition. Records instrument maintenance troubleshoots where necessary to insure accurate generation of test results.

Analyzing and recording QC data with appropriate follow-up. May implement corrective action after consultation with supervisory personnel to verify accuracy and precision of instruments and staining quality

Minimum Education, Experience, and Certification Requirements:

Associate’s degree in a Biological Science

1-2 years’ previous experience preferred; student training accepted HT ASCP or equivalent preferred.