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Physician - Family Medicine (Long Island City, NY)



Long Island City, Queens, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2024


Patient Care:

  • Provide medical care to pediatric, adolescent and adult patients
  • Take relevant patient history
  • Identify patient needs and make diagnoses
  • Perform complete well-care examinations, including complete physicals
  • Perform complete gynecological histories and physical examinations as indicated
  • Write prescriptions and inform patients about medications prescribed
  • Complete medical forms and documentation related to patient care
  • Answer patient telephone inquiries as needed
  • Make referrals to other agencies and providers, with follow up care provided
  • Assist with immunization and phlebotomy as needed to ensure smooth patient flow
  • Encourage health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance. Provide health education on topics including preventative medicine and counseling on chronic diseases, as well as parenting, prenatal, nutrition, family-planning, medication usage and stress management
  • Provide patient advocacy, as appropriate for site
  • Work in a supervisory role with mid-levels and collaboratively with specialists for consultation and referral purposes
  • Participate in Peer Review process, as defined by The Floating Hospital
  • Provide technical assistance and teach Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants
  • Maintain ultimate responsibility for directing the course of patient’s medical treatment
  • Participate in case-conference and case management activities
  • Participate in the On-Call list, on a rotation basis

Administrative/Education Duties:

  • Participate in quality improvement activities
  • Participate and develop medical protocols with Clinical Guidelines Committee, for implementation by TFH staff
  • Collaborate with Benefits Counselors and Outreach staff to ensure appropriate patient scheduling and flow
  • Collaborate with HIM supervisor to ensure appropriate documentation procedures
  • Observe, implement, and promote federal regulations as defined by HIPAA and Policies andProcedures of The Floating Hospital

Nurse Practitioner and Physician Collaborative Agreement:

As part of this job description, the Physician will supervise mid-level practitioners in accordance with the terms of the collaborative agreement.


The Physician will perform duties in the clinic and at shelters connected with the agency. The Physician will have rooms in which to provide examinations and will have a workspace in which to perform his/her administrative job functions. The agency observes a no-smoking policy.

Background and Education:

  • Medical Degree from an accredited institution; New York State Medical license; New York State
  • Medical Board Certification; minimum of two years’ clinical experience preferable; ability to speak
  • Spanish or other languages preferable.
  • EMR Access includes the following actions/areas:
  • Demographic, Registration, Appointment/Scheduling, Scanning, Triage, PMH/Vitals, Orders,
  • Immunizations/PPD, Progress Note, Reporting, Labs, Medical Summary, Telephone Encounters