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Nurse Practitioner/Physican Assistant | NY



Long Island City, Queens, NY, USA
Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2024

Patient Care:

  • Provides medical care to pediatric, adolescent and adult patients
  • Takes relevant patient history
  • Identifies patient needs and makes diagnoses
  • Develops and implements treatment plans using diagnostic data
  • Performs complete well-care examinations including physical examinations
  • Performs complete gynecological histories and physical examinations as indicated
  • Writes prescriptions and informs patients about medications prescribed
  • Completes medical forms and documentation related to patient care
  • Makes and tracks all referrals to other agencies and providers, with follow-up care provided
  • Assists with immunizations and/or phlebotomy, as needed, to ensure smooth patient flow
  • Works collaboratively with physician and specialists for consultation and referral purposes
  • Meets with designated supervising physician on a regular and predetermined basis, in order to receive recommendations and collaborate towards delivering quality health care to patients, based on accepted standards of-care
  • Encourages health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance. Provides health education on topics including but not limited to preventive medicine and counseling on chronic diseases, as well as parenting, prenatal, nutrition, family- planning, medication usage, and stress management
  • Provides patient advocacy, as appropriate for the site
  • Participates in patient outreach, as appropriate for the site

Administrative Duties:

  • Observes, implements, and promotes the federal regulations as defined by HIPAA and Policies and Procedures as defined by The Floating Hospital
  • When at a satellite site, acts as on-site supervisor of medical assistants
  • Teaches medical assistants about: patient care and triage, to improve patient flow, and communicates with Clinic Flow Manager regarding status of flow at clinic site
  • Participates in case conferences in which patient care is discussed
  • Assists the Chief Medical Officer in the development and implementation of medical protocols and medical forms
  • May initiate and participate in research related to health care or allied fields, in collaboration with the Chief Medical Officer
  • Makes suggestions to clinic supervisors to improve patient care