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Karbon Card

Karbon Card

Sales & Business Development
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Posted on Thursday, September 7, 2023

About Karbon

Karbon Card is a B2B payment solution for India's finance leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate 

executives. We serve 1500+ team’s teams across India, including decorated companies and tech unicorns. 

Karbon Card offers up to 15Cr free credit, no personal guarantee, unlimited employee’s cards for free & more. 

Karbon Payout offers vendor payment on credit, 24/7 payout, bulk processing, invoice management & more. 

2019/7 - Launched and became an instant hit among Bangalore founders. 

2021/8 - Graduated from Y-Combinator (YC S21') among the top growth picks. 

2021/9 - Closed $12mn pre-A round. 

2022/2 - Closed $15mn A round. 

Ideal candidates possess the following competencies - 

1. Past Experience managing CRM automation tools for marketing purposes 

2. Experienced with online marketing tactics & outbound engagement campaigns 

3. Highly detail oriented

4. Deep knowledge of B2B digital marketing strategies

5. Strong execution skill

6. Track record of driving business with effective CAC management

7. Communicate purposefully, with clarity and precision 

Your day-to-day job responsibilities - 

1. Launch growth campaigns on various platforms and tools 

2. Analyze campaign results 

3. Maintain dashboards & databases 

4. Design campaigns with clear goals. Execute with precision.

5. Can take initiative.

6. Conclude campaign performance, assess gap between goal and actual performance, analyze root cause and propose optimization.

Basic qualification and requirements: 

1. 1+ years’ experience working in a growth team of a startup company 

2. Engineering / computer science background is required 

3. Comfortable with process-oriented jobs