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Founding Clinical Lead

Legion Health

Legion Health

Dallas, TX, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2023
Legion Health is a rapidly growing, tech-enabled, full-service outpatient psychiatry company. We combine healthcare expertise with the technological backbone of being a VC-backed tech company with some of the world’s foremost investors (including being backed by Y Combinator and prominent healthcare entrepreneurs). We provide high- quality psychiatric care to insured patients through a network of talented psychiatric nurse practitioners (PMHNPs).

We prioritize quality, standardization, in-network care, and scalability in our approach to offering a seamless patient experience with best-in- class technology and operations. With a strong emphasis on solving meaningful problems in the mental health space, our solution is designed to reach and impact a large number of patients, providing them with accessible and exceptional care.

As Legion Health's Founding Clinical Lead, your primary mission is to build and guide our network of elite Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs). You'll be central to shaping our clinical team culture and operations, ensuring the delivery of unparalleled psychiatric care. Your role extends to the core of our clinical brand where your strategic relationships will foster patient referrals and bolster trust.


  • Clinical network building
  • Spearhead the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process for PMHNPs,
  • creating a network of superior clinical talent.
  • Supervise PMHNP training, performance, and HR matters, upholding best practices and high-quality care.
  • Act as a liaison between PMHNPs and internal teams to achieve Legion Health's goals. Regularly collect and incorporate PMHNP feedback to enhance our processes and technology.
  • Cultivate a nurturing and engaging remote environment for PMHNPs, promoting collaboration, growth, satisfaction, and community.
  • Clinical operations
  • Conduct regular chart audits and provide feedback to ensure adherence to
  • evidence-based psychiatric care methods and our charting/coding policies. Support PMHNPs in clinical decision-making, offering expertise in patient care.
  • Regularly check in with clinicians for progress tracking, issue resolution, and quality assurance.
  • Oversee regulatory or payer-related operations impacting PMHNPs, including data collection, credentialing, coding, and licensure processes.
  • Design clinical protocols that ensure efficient and ethical prescription of medications, including controlled substances.
  • Develop and optimize operations for seamless care collaboration between non- Legion mental health providers, such a therapists, and Legion PMHNPs.
  • Establish streamlined emergency response protocols to guide clinicians in crisis situations, ensuring optimal patient safety.
  • Patient care
  • Promote the formation of strong, supportive relationships between PMHNPs and patients, by nurturing a patient-centric culture. Develop standard protocols for patient encounters to foster therapeutic alliances.
  • Develop a patient screening system using specific inclusion/exclusion criteria, ensuring we cater to a suitable patient population.
  • Founding Clinical Lead — Legion Health (squarepeg) 3
  • Forge robust relationships with external healthcare providers to facilitate patient referrals when our care is not a fit.
  • Address patient support inquiries related to clinical matters, ensuring patient satisfaction.
  • Engage in weekly patient sessions to directly understand clinician and patient challenges, informing product and service enhancements.
  • Clinical brand & business development
  • Be the face of Legion Health's clinical brand, demonstrating our commitment to quality care to external parties, including patients, insurers, referral partners, and PMHNPs.
  • Collaborate with business development to build and strengthen relationships with healthcare professionals and organizations (i.e. PCPs, therapists, universities, PHP/IOPs, etc.), thereby facilitating a strong patient referral network.
  • Promote Legion Health at industry events, positioning us as a leader in psychiatric care.


  • Must be a licensed health care provider with mental health experience. Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNP) or psychiatrists (MD/DO) are strongly preferred.

Additional information

Compensation and benefits:

  • Competitive salary: $150k - $200k depending on license type and experience
  • Equity offer: 50,000-100,000 options vesting over 4 years
  • Comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible work schedule

Legion Health is targeting the multi-billion-dollar mental health market. By addressing the growing demand for accessible psychiatric care, we aim to generate significant revenue while making a meaningful impact on the lives of millions of people in need of mental health services and thousands of psychiatric nurse practitioners who seek a better professional outlook. Our innovative model, focus on quality, approach to technology, and unique go-to-market motion distinguish us among others in pursuit of delivering world-class care.

Legion Health is backed by Y Combinator; top-tier VCs including Soma Capital, UpHonest Capital, and Alumni Ventures; and unicorn angel investors including Erica Johnson (Co-Founder at Modern Health), Wei Deng (Founder at Clipboard Health), and Jarrett Streebin (Founder at EasyPost).