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Collaborating Physician (Supervising Doctor) — Texas, Fully Remote, Part-Time, MD or DO

Legion Health

Legion Health

Austin, TX, USA · Austin, TX, USA · Texas, USA · United States
Posted on Monday, July 1, 2024
Job Overview

[We show compassion to heal minds.]

About Legion Health:

Legion is a pioneering, tech-enabled psychiatry network focused on delivering world-class outpatient care. Our providers—the most talented psychiatric providers in the country—are passionate about expanding mental health care access for those with insurance.

Our innovative model combines the stability of a traditional hospital position with the flexibility of a private practice. We prioritize our clinicians' well-being and professional growth, offering a competitive compensation package and fostering a vibrant, collaborative culture.

Quality and patient experience are paramount to us. This means recruiting exceptional providers, championing evidence-based protocols, and displaying compassion in every patient interaction. Our exceptional team operates with clinical autonomy, supported by experienced psychiatrists.

Our vision is to pioneer a new era of mental health by delivering world-class psychiatry. We believe in a future where every patient can access the compassionate psychiatric care they need, regardless of the insurance they have.

About the role:

We are seeking a clinically excellent, patient-centered physician to join Legion Health. The ideal candidate will embrace our vision of expanding access to world-class psychiatric care through technology and serving patients across all insurance types.

This role involves collaborating with and supervising Legion's APPs, focusing on high-quality treatment of anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, and insomnia/sleep disorders through secure telemedicine visits. We need a forward-thinking physician passionate about using technology to improve access to mental health services.


  • Flexibility: Set your own schedule for optimal work-life balance.
  • Work from Home: Collaborate with PMHNPs from the comfort of your home via telehealth.
  • Clinical Autonomy: We hire the most skilled collaborating psychiatrists and trust them to support PMHNPs effectively.
  • PMHNP Acquisition: We handle the recruitment and onboarding of PMHNPs, ensuring you have qualified professionals to supervise.
  • Competitive Pay: We offer market-leading compensation, reflecting your experience and performance.
  • Monthly Pay: We pay our providers every month for immediate financial benefit and planning ease.
  • Legal Protection: We provide full malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Technical Support: We provide and cover the costs for best-in-class EHR and communication tools.
  • Licensure Coverage: We’ll reimburse you for all fees associated with getting licensed in other states as required by Legion.
  • Significant Administrative Support: Focus on supervising and mentoring PMHNPs, not on scheduling, insurance verification, billing, prior authorizations, pharmacy coordination, etc.
  • Adequate Visit Lengths: Psychiatric intakes are 1 hour, and follow-ups are 30 minutes (as they should be).
  • Tools for Responsible Prescribing: We have rigorous, evidence-based protocols and provide objective diagnostic tools to ensure responsible and ethical prescriptions of controlled substances.
  • Community of Clinical Excellence: You will work alongside the most talented PMHNPs and psychiatrists in the world. Our PMHNPs undergo a thorough vetting process, with fewer than 5% of applicants selected. They have trained at top institutions such as Vanderbilt, UT Austin, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, NYU, and UTHealth Houston.
  • Well-Defined Clinical Scope: We focus on treating mild to moderate acuity patients, ensuring effective screening and appropriate care for our patient population.
  • Clinical Resources: We provide our providers and collaborating psychiatrists premium subscriptions to resources such as UpToDate and Carlat.
  • Exclusive Events: Engage with your colleagues through exclusive in-person and virtual events.


  • Collaborative Care: Collaborate with highly-experienced, highly-trained, and compassionate PMHNPs who treat low- and medium-risk psychiatry patients using evidence-based treatments.
  • Clinical Supervision: Conduct regular chart reviews and provide guidance on clinical decisions and patient care.
  • Prescription Management: Approve and send prescriptions through our EMR & eRX system.
  • Mentorship: Mentor other psychiatric providers to ensure that each patient is getting the highest-quality care possible.
  • Accessibility Mission: Directly contribute to Legion's vision of making world-class psychiatric care much more accessible to patients, regardless of insurance.


  • Active, unrestricted license as a physician (MD or DO) in Texas.
  • Active, unrestricted DEA license in Texas.
  • Board certification or board eligibility as a physician.
  • Expertise in various clinical mental health conditions, including ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar 1 (maintenance) & 2, Borderline Personality Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorders, OCD, Panic Disorders, Phobias, Postpartum Anxiety/Depression/Psychosis, PTSD, Schizophrenia (maintenance), and Suicidal Ideation (passive).
  • Primary residence in Texas.
  • Comfort remotely supervising nurse practitioners, conducting chart reviews, and answering questions at monthly meetings
  • Comfort signing off on prescriptions, including controlled substances, per state and federal regulations, and Legion Health’s rigorous clinical protocols
  • Availability by phone during PMHNPs' working hours and at the end of their shift to review medications, as required by state medical board rules
  • Commitment to a minimum 1-year tenure with our team.
  • Strong clinical assessment, diagnostic, and medication management skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Comfort using technology and electronic health record systems.
  • Passion for improving access to high-quality care for vulnerable populations.
  • Commitment to providing patient-centered, compassionate care.

Additional Information


This role is predominantly remote, complemented by occasional in-person events with colleagues.

Job type:

Part-time, Contract, Fully Remote.


Compensation for supervising Legion's PMHNPs is as follows: $1,000 per month for each full-time PMHNP (25+ hours/week) and $500 per month for each part-time PMHNP (<25 hours/week). In Texas, a physician can supervise up to 7 full-time or 14 part-time NPs, equating to 7 full-time equivalents (FTEs). Thus, the total potential compensation for this role can reach up to $7,000 per month, depending on the mix of full-time and part-time PMHNPs supervised.

Members of our clinical and business advisory board include:

  • Madhukar Trivedi, M.D. [Psychiatrist; Professor of Psychiatry and Distinguished Chair in Mental Health at UT Southwestern]
  • Alexander Ruvalcaba, M.D. [Psychiatrist; Physician Executive at MultiCare Behavioral Health Network]
  • Jon Kole, M.D. [Psychiatrist; Medical Director at Headspace]
  • Liberty Eberly, D.O. [Psychiatrist; Co-Founder and Former Chief Medical Officer at innovaTel Telepsychiatry]
  • John Lusins, MD [Psychiatrist; Founder and President at South Texas Mental Health Associates]
  • Samir Malik [ex-Founder at Genoa Telepsychiatry, Founder at firsthand]
  • Andrew Thompson [National COO at Pediatric Associates]