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Data Engineer - Remote

Loop Health

Loop Health

Data Science
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India · Remote
Posted on Wednesday, June 29, 2022

About Loop

Looking for a great mission? Help build a customer focused healthcare company.

Loop wants to create an inspirational healthcare and insurance company. We believe in the transformative nature of empathetic primary care, proactive financial coverage and want to bring that to our members. We want to fundamentally change how healthcare assurance is designed and delivered. We believe in the power of incentives. We are successful when we deliver health outcomes — when our members and their families get healthier.

“Why exactly are we building a new revolutionary healthcare system? The obvious answer is India deserves better care for its people. Not enough of it around, and what exists can be tough to navigate.

Imagine if doctors were paid to actually make you better. What a concept! What if they didn't have to worry about finishing consults in 10 minutes to meet their daily quota. What if they could take their time, really understand the symptoms, the family history & the lifestyle to come up with a plan, rather than just a prescription.

Imagine if hospital admissions, treatments, billing and insurance were as easy as ordering food home and your care doesn't end when they send you home from the hospital. It goes till you are back on your feet. And further, now imagine if your family had access to this great care anytime they wanted. From serious conditions to the smallest questions. So that they live longer. Wouldn't you worry less?

At the end of it. It's not why you would build this system... Why wouldn't you?”

Here’s how we are going about it:

  • We built a high quality concierge and primary care program that allows members and their families to access unlimited care when they need it.
  • We use technology to deliver this through highly engaging care.
  • We work with insurers to bring financial protection to our members so that they do not worry about their families’ well being.
  • As a healthcare insurance broker, we provide companies with the best coverage and claims service for their employees and dependents.

Doing this will mean that we create great products and services that work on changing behaviors and mindsets. This will need a deep understanding of design of products and services through an empathetic lens of what members need for their health and technology will play a very pivotal role in enabling our members to use our programs . We are looking for folks in our ‘EngineeringTeams’ to work with us to take Loop to this future.

If you'd like to learn more about what we are building at Loop, there are tons of resources. Here are some of our favorites:

Join us in making healthcare simple, reliable, and human.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work in collaboration with engineers and stakeholders to build a platform for enabling data-driven decisions.
  • Build reliable, scalable, CI/CD driven streaming and batch data engineering pipelines.
  • Oversee and govern the expansion of the current data architecture and the optimization of query and data warehouse.
  • Create a conceptual data model to identify key business entities and visualize their relationships.
  • Create detailed logical models using business intelligence logic by identifying all the entities, attributes, and relationships
  • Storage (cloud data warehouse, S3 data lake), orchestration (Airflow), processing (Spark, Flink), streaming services (Kafka), BI tools, graph database, and real-time large scale event aggregation store are all examples of data architecture to design and maintain.
  • Work on cloud data warehouses, data as a service, business intelligence, and machine learning solutions.
  • Data wrangling in a diverse environment.
  • Ability to provide data and analytics solutions that are cutting-edge.
  • Identify strategic and Operational KPIs for the team and drive the team to deliver the committed targets.


  • SQL knowledge, as well as programming skills in Scala or Python.5+ years of applicable data warehousing, data engineering, or data architecture experience
  • Experience with the GCP stack (BigQuery, GCP Databricks) is a plus
  • Ability to design data analytics solutions to meet performance and scaling requirements.
  • Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving abilities, particularly in the context of large data.
  • Data warehousing concepts and modern data warehouse/Lambda architecture are well-understood.
  • Good understanding of the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution space.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills at all levels of management
  • You are a detail-oriented person with excellent communication skills and a strong sense of teamwork.

What you can expect from us

👩‍👩‍👦 Loop Family Healthcare Health insurance for you and your family for all medical emergencies.

🗣 High agency You'll always have the agency to shape projects, processes and outcomes independently.

📚Learning Budget If there's a workshop, book or event you think will help you learn, we'll cover your bill.

🖥 Work from home setup We'll help you set up your office the way you want to with the best equipment around.