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Cloud Solutions Architect



Posted on Monday, June 19, 2023

Company Overview

We are an early-stage Series Seed company in the Platform Engineer / DevOps industry, poised to redefine how developers manage infrastructure and applications in the cloud. Our innovative product, Massdriver, empowers developers by streamlining workflows, enhancing collaboration, and driving unprecedented efficiency. We are seeking a talented and experienced Cloud Solutions Architect to join our dynamic team and play a pivotal role in serving our growing customer base and building out our rich product offering.

Role Overview

As a Cloud Solutions Architect, you will be the primary interface between our customers and our product team. You will collaborate closely with customers to deeply understand their needs, struggles, and goals in operating in the public cloud. Leveraging this knowledge, you will play a crucial role in expanding our product offering and capturing new customers. Your expertise in cloud solutions architecture will be instrumental in defining and implementing end-to-end systems that solve common use cases within the cloud ecosystem. Additionally, you will ensure the success of our customers by providing ongoing support, guidance, and strategic recommendations throughout their cloud adoption journey.


  1. Customer Education and Enablement: Engage with customers to understand their unique needs and challenges in the public cloud, perform product demos to showcase how Massdriver can address those needs, and collaborate to design and architect solutions within Massdriver. Provide guidance on how to effectively leverage the platform to optimize cloud infrastructure management throughout the customer's cloud adoption journey to ensure successful implementation and utilization of Massdriver.
  2. Technical Leadership: Serve as a technical leader within the organization, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in cloud technologies. Act as a subject matter expert, providing guidance and mentorship to internal teams, including sales, engineering, and support. Contribute to thought leadership initiatives by sharing insights, publishing technical articles, and representing the company at industry events and conferences.
  3. Bundle Development: Identify customer needs and actively contribute to the development of new bundles, which are modular and reusable infrastructure components written in IaC (such as Terraform). Continuously enhance and maintain existing bundles based on customer feedback and evolving requirements.
  4. Defining Cloud Architectures: Utilize your expertise to identify common use cases within the cloud environment and architect comprehensive solutions within Massdriver. Design end-to-end systems that integrate the appropriate bundles to address specific customer needs, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.
  5. Enforce Best Practices: Utilize your extensive experience with cloud services to ensure our bundles adhere to industry best practices, optimizing performance, security, and scalability. Continuously update and maintain bundles to align with emerging technologies, collaborating with the engineering team to conduct thorough testing and quality assurance for reliable cloud operations.
  6. Collaboration: Gather insights from customer interactions and translate them into actionable solutions that drive product enhancements and improvements. Collaborate closely with product, engineering, and sales teams to ensure seamless implementation of customer-driven solutions and contribute to the overall success of the organization.


  • A minimum of 3+ years in an engineering or technical architect role in one of the 3 major clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure). A Cloud Solutions Architect is strongly preferred.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. This is a customer facing role that will require you to
  • Extensive experience with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform (preferred), CDK or Pulumi.
  • Working knowledge of Golang. Many of the tools we use (OSS and internally) are written in Golang.
  • Experience with observability and monitoring systems and services (Cloudwatch, Stackdriver, Prometheus, Datadog)
  • Container building and orchestration, specifically Docker and Kubernetes. Experience running a managed Kubernetes cluster (EKS, GKE, AKS) is preferred.
  • Knowledge of cloud security controls including Role Based Access Control (RBAC), tenant isolation, encryption at rest, encryption in transit, key management, vulnerability assessments, etc.
  • Knowledge of cloud networking, including networks, subnets, firewalls, network peering, VPNs, load balancers, etc.


  • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage: We prioritize your well-being and offer 100% covered medical, dental, and vision insurance to support you.
  • Generous Equity Package: As an early-stage company, we offer a competitive equity package, allowing you to have a stake in our success and growth.
  • Flexibility: We work 4.5 days per week. We are a remote-first company that values flexibility. Work in a way that suits your productivity and enables a healthy work-life balance.
  • Ownership and Autonomy: We empower our team to solve customer problems and add value. You will have the autonomy to make a real impact and help shape the future of our company.
  • Growth Opportunities: Join our core team and be a future leader of our company. We seek individuals who will help guide us as we scale and become leaders in the Platform Engineer space.

Ready to redefine cloud management and make a significant impact? Join our early-stage company as a Cloud Solutions Architect and help shape the future of the Platform Engineer/DevOps industry. With our innovative product, Massdriver, collaborate with customers, architect modular solutions, and enforce best practices. Take the next step in your career and be part of our dynamic team revolutionizing cloud adoption!