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Full-Stack Engineer (Contract - Part-Time)



Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2022

About Us

mello is a Y Combinator (S21) backed start-up that integrates wellbeing into every employees’ workflow in order to unlock their full potential. We are paving the path for the future of work. Our vision is to help every remote team on the planet to work healthier, more sustainably, and learn how to stay mello instead of burning out.

As second time founders, we burnt out building our last company during the pandemic. We wanted a simple, easy-to-use solution that integrates right into our workflow to increase our wellbeing but couldn’t find anything on the market so we decided to build the solution we would’ve liked to use ourselves (aka, eating your own dog food).

At mello, we’re building the new standard that remote and hybrid companies use to track, measure and act on burnout to inspire happier, healthier, more motivated teams. mello suggests smart actions for both employees, managers as well as HR to take to increase wellbeing, productivity and retention.

About this Role

As a modern Full-Stack Engineer, you are well versed in all aspects of development from a transistor to a website, including the browser, OS, CPU, RAM, architecture and everything. Here in mello we are much, mello-er, in requirements:

  • You will be responsible for both front end UI elements and experiences, as well as integrating, and maintaining / modifying backend services as required. The split is expected to be 63.5 / 37.5[1]
  • You will ensure the app can scale from 1000 to a million users
  • You will contribute and define our engineering values, process, and deployment cacadence, with scalability and security in mind.

Technical Skills you have:

  • IAM / OAuth (e.g. AWS Cognito, Okta)
  • Frontend frameworks i.e. React.js (Hooks preferred), Vue.js
  • In-depth CSS knowledge i.e. SCSS, Sass
  • 3rd party integrations experience with OAuth, SDK (i.e. AWS SDK), and API backend (BFF)
  • Develop, improve, and fix custom API backend as required
  • SPA Cloud deployment i.e. AWS S3 / Amplify, Netlify, Firebase a plus
  • Experience with Database ORB a plus

What you’ll be doing

  • Experience with modern Front end frameworks e.g. React.js (Hooks), Vue.js and Gatsby. Familiarity with analytics is a plus.
  • Experience with OAuth flows and implementation / integration with 3rd party service
  • Experience with Front end deployment services e.g. AWS Amplify, Netlify, firebase
  • Experience with different data fetching / caching strategy and design tradeoffs, principles, and practices to help guide the team’s technical direction
  • Experience with Test Driven Development and proficiency with a testing framework e.g. Jest
  • Experience with API integration as well as development. No stranger when comes to resolving CORS related nonsense
  • Experience with Database is a plus.
  • A strong desire to build secure software and protect user information.

Who you are

  • You are excited about our mission: unlocking human potential via wellbeing and the Future of Work
  • You are excited about joining a early-stage growth start-up
  • You have a growth-mindset
  • You don’t mind learning a bit of everything outside engineering
  • You deeply care about UX/Design and won’t compromise on quality
  • You ask “yes, and?” and are extremely collaborative
  • You’re curious about how our UX Designers/Researchers conduct their work and how your work flows into theirs
  • You’re proactive, a problem solver and go-getter
  • You’re collaborative and are a team player
  • You’re curious and self-motivated
  • You knows how to take and give direction
  • You can adapt to change quickly

Job Type: Contract (Part-Time)

Number of Hours: Up to 30hrs/week

Pay (USD): $100k - $150k


  • Bachelor's in Computer Science (Preferred)


  • Full Stack Development: 2 years (Required)
  • DevOps: 1 years (Preferred)