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Engineering Manager



Software Engineering, Other Engineering
India · Remote
Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2023

Job Description

You will be managing the Sales Engineering (SE) Team. The SE Team provides engineering support to our awesome sales and account executives for their demo and PoC needs. The SE team consists of full-stack engineers who use existing ML models, create new ML models on Nanonets platform, or come up with tweaks and fixes to enable a successful demos.

You would be partnering with multiple teams including Sales, Engineering, Product and Deep Learning. Quick turn-around is critical here because the demo could be scheduled for at very short notice (sometimes < 24 hours). You will have to prioritise, maintain speed yet ensure high accuracy and quality deliverables. Often you will get to tackle unseen new problems which you would take up as a challenge and guide your team to deliver in a time bound fashion. You may also be required to hop onto Sales Calls to bring the Engineering knowledge to the table.

What we expect from you

  • Disciplined, Sincere and Customer Oriented. Customer Satisfaction is our motto.
  • Should be a People leader. We understand that juggling multiple tasks with short deadlines, can be stressful, you should know how to manage your team and make the deliver their best even under pressure.
  • Must be flexible to work in the European Time Zone if Required
  • Quickly understand the problem at hand and break it into simpler parts for your team to solve and deliver.
  • Great Communication Skills, you will be partnering with other teams internally as well as directly with the customer
  • Maintaining metric driven culture, plan and prioritise in advance
  • Training, mentoring, onboarding new team members
  • Out of the box thinking, find quirky hacks and heuristics to solve the problem at hand. We expect you to come up with quick agile solutions needed for the Sales demos without compromising on integrity and ethics.
  • Encourage documentation and code-reuse. Following best engineering practices.
  • Take end-to-end responsibility for your work and your team.
  • Ensure that best engineering practices are being followed


  • Atleast 2 years experience directly managing software team and atleast 2 years hands-on experience in software engineering.
  • Solid hands-on experience in managing and delivering deadline based work.
  • Knowledge of Python (must), strong problem solving acumen.
  • Some prior knowledge and exposure in Machine Learning and Image Processing

Some of the interesting things we have shipped in frontend

  • Ability for users to annotate documents so AI can learn which fields to extract
  • Displaying machine learning metrics in simplified ways to end users so they can act based on those metrics
  • Letting users build complex visual workflows around our API in our product.
  • Let users visualize complex ML metrics in a very simple and intuitive way

Some of the interesting things our backend team has shipped

  • Compile python code into C which could be imported into golang and then shipped as binary for on premise systems
  • Autoscale GPU dependent services with kubernetes with a custom metric
  • Displaying machine learning metrics in simplified ways to end users so they can act based on those metrics
  • Building large number and variety of integrations with relatively generic interface like salesforce, quickbooks, RPA's, external databases
  • Process large number of files in highly distributed manner in golang

Our Tech Stack


  • Cassandra DB
  • Postgres/MySQL


  • Golang for API and other microservices
  • Python for Machine learning (Tensorflow, Pytorch)


  • React, Typescript
  • Mobx

Cloud Providers

  • AWS
  • GCP for ML heavy workload


  • ELK for logging
  • Prometheus for Monitoring
  • Graphana for dashboards


  • Kubernetes


  • Jenkins for CI/CD