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Market Growth Intern



Sales & Business Development
Denver, CO, USA
Posted on Friday, February 17, 2023


  • The first high-frequency, commission-free sports betting exchange, recently closed a $6m seed round from Y Combinator, Lux, Soma, Paul Graham, Joe Montana, Innospark, the founders of Instacart and Dropbox, and many other top angels and funds
  • Founders are recent Harvard grads with quant experience at Jane Street and BoA and years of experience as sharp sports bettors
  • $300B annually bet on sports in the US and the size of the market is rapidly growing as more states legalize sports betting
  • Currently the only way to bet is with retail sportsbooks, which have egregious margins, discriminatory and inefficient practices, and a stale betting experience
  • Novig’s sports betting exchange guarantees the best lines by letting customers bet directly against friends or the market, rather than against the house, making the betting experience more efficient, fair, and, most importantly, profitable
  • Seeking Market Growth Intern to support in-person promotional efforts in the fall of 2023, to support our launch in Denver, CO and surrounding areas
  • Hourly compensation with the opportunity to join full-time and receive equity compensation, if performance exceeds expectations

What will you do?

  • As Novig’s Market Growth Intern, you will serve as the face of Novig in Colorado
  • You will be the driving force for acquiring and onboarding the app’s first users, gaining buy-in from the community, and establishing and executing partnerships with local businesses
  • You will support the team’s in-person promotional efforts in and around Denver. This will include flyering, handing out Novig collateral to local businesses for distribution, setting up a booth at a fair or festival, etc.
  • This position will paid hourly, and will be expected to include reimbursed travel by car and weekend work
  • Success in the role may lead to accelerated full-time opportunities at the company

What are we looking for?

We’re a nimble team of researchers, engineers and statisticians who want to tackle some of the most challenging open-ended problems at the intersection of sports, game theory, and technology.

Some of the things that we look for:

  • You have some experience with sales / business development
  • You’re a great communicator and a curious, enthusiastic learner
  • You are based in or near Denver and have a personal vehicle that you are comfortable using to get around the city and the surrounding areas
  • Interest in sports or sports betting is a plus

Who is Novig?

At Novig, we are building the first high-frequency, commission-free sports trading platform in the US — essentially the NASDAQ of betting.

We guarantee bettors the best odds and eliminates the need for traditional sportsbooks. We do this by enabling users to bet directly against friends or the market, rather than against the house, making the betting experience more efficient, fair, and, most importantly, profitable.

Novig’s founders, Jacob and Kelechi, are recent Harvard grads with experience at Jane St & BoA who started Novig with the belief that a commission-free P2P exchange model will replace the exploitative and unprofitable betting model of traditional sportsbooks. They themselves were sophisticated sports bettors who grew increasingly frustrated by the latency, discriminatory practices, monotony, and non-profitability of the retail sportsbook betting experience.

As the regulatory landscape evolves in the United States, Novig is positioned to become a leading innovator in sports betting with our unique focus on research and technology.