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Power Electronics Engineer

Odys Aviation

Odys Aviation

Long Beach, CA, USA
Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2023
At Odys Aviation, we’re building advanced vertical takeoff and landing aircraft for major airlines. This will cut travel time in half on the world’s busiest routes by using city helipads and local airports. More than 40% of all flights are less than 1,000 miles - let’s skip the airport and make these routes sustainable. Check out our intro video and in Techcrunch.
We’re a team of expert engineers from deep tech and aerospace working to remove the hassles of flying and reduce CO2 emissions for travelers globally. Previously, our team has built and flown custom drones. We’ve brought multiple automotive platforms into production. We’ve electrified transportation vehicles that magnetically levitate, that roll, that fly. Together, we’ve been learning, developing, building, testing, and preparing for this challenge our entire lives.
We are hiring for several positions within the Engineering department and this is an exciting and challenging opportunity to become one of the first members of the team. We are looking for an experienced engineer to join Odys as a mechanical design engineer focusing on powertrain development.
We are seeking a power electronics engineer who has good fundamentals, is self-motivated and is willing to take up the challenging yet exciting task of helping us build the next generation of advanced hybrid propulsion systems for aviation.
The scope of work would include but not be limited to high-speed generator design, propulsion motor design, power inverter & battery design, propulsion integration test rigs and more. The skills which would set candidates apart would be their ability to adapt with quick paced development cycles and design iterations. Good exposure to powertrain development, mastery over EDA tools, the ability to create innovative solutions and quick turn time on designs would be key to perform well in this role.
The ideal candidate will be based out of /or would be willing to relocate to the Los Angeles/Long Beach area since this will be an onsite position.

Required qualifications

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on hybrid or electric propulsion systems preferred.
  • Minimum of 4+ years (with BS) or 2+ years (with MS) of experience in power electronics related to aerospace applications.
  • Strong foundation in EE, with extensive experience in power electronics design for hybrid electric propulsion systems.
  • In-depth understanding of inverter technology, motor control, and power conversion tailored to the unique requirements of hybrid electric aircraft.
  • Proficiency in schematic capture and circuit simulation software, such as Altium Designer , with experience in high-power inverter design (50kW-200kW at 400V-1000V).
  • Experience in design and analysis of electric propulsion systems, including thermal management, power distribution, and system integration.
  • Hands-on experience with DO-160G testing, DO-254 development, and other relevant aerospace standards.
  • Expertise in lab instruments critical for hybrid propulsion system development, such as oscilloscopes and EMC analyzers.
  • Superior communication and organizational skills, with the ability to work in fast-paced, interdisciplinary teams.


  • Design high-voltage, high-power density motor controllers specifically for hybrid electric and eVTOL applications, overseeing all aspects of power electronics designs from component to system integration.
  • Design and develop clear and comprehensive schematics for power electronics boards pertinent to hybrid electric aircraft systems.
  • Select components that balance mass reduction with reliability and efficiency, suitable for hybrid electric propulsion applications.
  • Design PCBs or work closely with PCB designers to create reliable and lightweight circuit layouts that meet the rigorous demands of hybrid electric propulsion systems.
  • Collaborate with mechanical and aerospace engineers to optimize the placement of high-power modules/components and bus bars for efficient integration within hybrid electric propulsion systems.
  • Draft detailed requirements, participate in DFMEAs, and implement test and validation plans tailored to hybrid electric propulsion systems.
  • Guide new hybrid propulsion designs from conceptualization to production, working collaboratively with a cross-disciplinary team.
  • Maintain start-to-finish ownership of hardware, ensuring that specifications, design, prototyping, and manufacturing align with hybrid propulsion system requirements.
  • Troubleshoot and root cause analysis for any issues arising in prototype or production phases.