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Project Specialist



Latina, Province of Latina, Italy
Posted on Saturday, August 19, 2023

The Compliance & Risk team supports Ontop in its business strategy by navigating global risks, including regulatory and partner risks. This role has the critical business function of enabling sustainable growth and profitability through the efficient selection of vendors, third parties and other partners. This person is officially responsible for managing Ontop’s third-party program, overseeing relationships, achieving operational excellence in the procurement life cycle, and ensuring vendors align with internal policies for Ontop's business continuity.


Main responsibilities:

  • Project manage the procurement life cycle at Ontop. You will work under a policy framework that is in constant improvement and you will lead all company acquisitions in accordance with the procurement procedure and its processes while keeping a strategic and business enablement mindset.
  • You will manage relationships with third parties and external stakeholders. You will direct internal and external efforts to ensure partner compliance with Ontop’s policies.
  • Lead the fulfillment of the Third-party Management policy via agile collaboration with stakeholders and other teams. You will have to manage competing priorities but ensure at all times compliance with Ontop’s policies.
  • You will analyze the procurement process and identify opportunities for improvement toward efficiency and cost reduction. You wil have opportunities to re-design and transform the acquisition process. We foster technology-driven innovation and process automation.
  • You will analyze and communicate effectively to stakeholders on the risks associated with engaging third parties and vendors. You will elaborate internal materials aimed at business and technical audiences about the critical points that Ontop has to evaluate before starting a relationship with a vendor (high-level knowledge of data protection, technological standards, policies and regulatory compliance is a plus).
  • You will monitor and create metrics for measuring the success of the third-party management program. You will create KPIs and track them to minimize risks associated with third parties. Resilience and adaptability are critical for this position.
  • Coordinate third-party reviews with the various stakeholders.