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UI Engineer



United States · Remote
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

📍 Location: NY or SF

We’re looking for a new engineer on our Design team at ReadMe! If you get excited by building prototypes, shipping features, and designing fun stuff—like (it’s a work in progress!) or our Owlbot AI page—you’ll be a perfect fit.

We're a small team of humans (and one owl) working together to do big things, and we’re growing fast! That’s where you come in. Since we’re a startup, you’ll make a big impact on ReadMe both in the daily responsibilities of your role and beyond.

🦉 What ReadMe Does

ReadMe helps companies build beautiful, personalized, and interactive developer hubs. If you’ve ever visited the developer docs for Airbnb, Notion, or Cohere, you’ve used ReadMe! We love what we do because it’s so much more than just docs. We’re providing tools for teams to create and manage beautiful documentation with ease. Our engineers & designers are especially excited to see the impact their work can have, because they care deeply about developer experience.

You can read more about what it’s like to work at ReadMe on our careers page, or our Key Values page. We've written on our blog in the past about how we interview, and feel free to browse our other blog posts as well if it strikes your fancy!

As a part of the Design team at ReadMe, you’ll be working closely with:

  • Tony, our Head of Design - from San Francisco’s sunny Excelsior neighborhood as well as our Founder & CEO, Greg who works out of our new office in NYC on a variety of initiatives across marketing as well as new AI ideas we’re exploring.

  • Our designers, Ryan & Jaclyn. Ryan is a designer who enjoys street photography & mountain biking. Currently between NY and SF. Outside of work, Jaclyn loves exploring nature and traveling.

✅ What You’ll Do at ReadMe

  • Explore and build new ideas in the Gen AI space.

  • Work with partners in our industry, such as GitHub Copilot, Kong, AWS to design and build new features.

  • Collaborate and build out interactive marketing pages.

  • Add a bit of whimsy whenever possible. :)

💙 You’ll love this job if you are…

  • Wanting to straddle the line between product, engineering and marketing design.

  • Curious about solving for developer pain points, and how to communicate with developers. You’ll speak to our customers in person, but also through your work. As a developer, you’ll have a good handle on the best way to define our brand for our users—including yourself!

  • Interested in building prototypes and features for new ideas in the Gen AI world.

🌱 How you’ll grow in one month

  • Become familiar with the product, APIs, and how we think about design.

  • Merge your first PRs.

  • Support and collaborate with your fellow designers and engineers.

  • Learn that we really do have an owl drawing for everything.

🪴 Within a few months, you’ll…

🌳 Within your first year, you’ll…

  • Join us on an off-site!

  • Lead large projects from concept through execution.

  • Be an owner of ReadMe’s brand vision and go-to person for new ideas we want to explore.

✨ Our benefits include…

  • Unlimited PTO with a three-week minimum. 🏝️

  • Fully covered medical, dental, and vision insurance for you, and 100% for your dependents. 🩺

  • A One Medical membership. 🧑‍⚕️

  • A gym or fitness stipend of up to $150 per month. 🏋️

  • One-to-one donation matching of up to $1,000 per year. 💸

  • Twelve weeks of paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child. 🐣

  • Work from home. 🏠

  • Three offsite retreats per year to get together with coworkers and plan for the quarter ahead. ✈️

  • Take a look at our handbook for more information on our benefits! 📘