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Senior DevOps Engineer - AWS



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2024
We are seeking a dynamic and versatile Senior DevOps Engineer with a focus on cloud technologies This role offers a unique opportunity to engage in a wide spectrum of development efforts, from creating innovative solutions to contributing to large-scale dataintensive applications. The ideal candidate should be an autonomous problem solver, ready to tackle diverse challenges across the software development lifecycle.


  • AWS: Deep understanding of the AWS ecosystem and Cloud Architect certification as an AWS Cloud Architect is essential to guide our cloud-native strategy effectively.
  • Gitlab CI/CD: Proficiency in GitLab CI/CD pipelines is a key requirement for streamlining our development and deployment workflows.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Experience with Terraform and general IaC principles and tools
  • Quality and test Tooling: Strong knowledge of test automation and quality tooling to ensure the reliability and quality of our software.
  • Moderate understanding of PHP: Advanced knowledge is a pre
  • Kubernetes: Expertise in container orchestration with Kubernetes for scalable and resilient microservices
  • Observability Tooling: Familiarity with observability tools and practices to monitor, analyze, and optimize our platform's performance.
  • Database Configuration and Management: Proficiency in configuring and managing databases is crucial for data reliability and performance


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Cloud Security: Adopt a Zero Trust model when handling IAM, Data Security and Patch Management.
  • Blue/Green deployments: Proficiency in blue/green deployments, availability zones and networking to ensure zero-downtime releases, and minimizing deployment risks.
  • Elasticsearch: Experience with Elasticsearch is a plus, as it plays a vital role in our data retrieval, APIs, search functionalities and features.
  • Trunk Based Development: Your experience with trunk-based development will contribute to a streamlined and efficient development process. Feature Flag Handling:
  • Expertise in feature flagging will enable controlled feature releases and better testing strategies


In addition to a market competitive compensation, we have a reward philosophy that expand beyond this.

  • Fully remote with office optional. You decide when you would like to work from home and when from the office
  • Flexible timings. You decide your work scheduled
  • Market competitive compensation (in $$)
  • Insane learning and growth