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Product Designer (Contract)



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Posted on Friday, August 18, 2023

Product Designer (Contract)

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Hiring Plan

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Product Designer (Contract)

Role Elevator Pitch

Rutter is building the common language for business. Rutter is used by companies all over the world to read and write data across commerce, accounting, and payments platforms. Rutter’s Universal API makes it easy for companies to automate accounting processes, deliver data-driven lending decisions, launch in new markets, and more.
We’re backed by a16z and investors from leading fintech innovators like Plaid, Alloy, Ramp, and Modern Treasury.
As our Product Designer, you will be responsible for deeply understanding how developers use our product and helping to redesign our existing developer-facing surfaces. The role involves a mix of product and design - for developer-focused products, you’ll conduct customer research and work with product to design the best front-facing UX that will solve their problems.
You’ll own the design and experience of all of our customer-facing frontend products with the potential to own all of our design across product and GTM, and will report directly to the CEO.

Role Responsibilities

Own and build all of our customer facing products and features:
Our dashboard, analytics and debugging products
Our new user onboarding flows
Our documentation and user guides

What You Need to be Successful (a.k.a. Qualifications)

3+ years of design experience
Experience designing developer-facing products
Strong UX skills
Strong visual design + developer brand sense
Experience as an engineer or an engineering degree

What companies, associations/organizations, LinkedIn groups, etc would you like to target?

API first companies or companies focused on developer experience, with an emphasis on design first companies.
Ideal companies: Plaid, Stripe, Linear, Postman, GitHub, GitLab, Twilio, Segment, Scale AI, Notion
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Interviewer, Alternates (Shadowing)
Focus area(s)
Value Highlight

Hiring manager phone screen

Time: 30m
Interviewer: Peter

Question 1

Why is this role interesting to you?
(4) Excellent
(3) Good
(2) Fair
(1) Poor
Has the right motivations for joining Rutter: 1. Is interested by the design challenge 2. Sees good market opportunity and can state their own thoughts on the vision 3. Wants to join early stage for growth opportunity
Has bad or no motivations

Question 2

Walk me through one of your portfolio projects. Tell me how you arrived at the final design.
(4) Excellent
(3) Good
(2) Fair
(1) Poor
Has good prioritization and discovery of customer need and able to tie product to business objectives. Has a strong process for shipping product
Cannot prioritize product and no process for shipping product

Question 3

Tell me about an example of design you’re proud of vs a bad design you’re not proud of. What makes the good one good? What makes the bad one bad?
(4) Excellent
(3) Good
(2) Fair
(1) Poor
Has deep technical experience
Has no technical experience

UX + UI Working Session

Time: 1 hour
Interviewer: Peter + Zev