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Senior Data Scientist - Algorithm design & system modeling



Design, Data Science
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Posted on Monday, December 11, 2023

Senior Data Scientist -

Algorithm design & system modeling

Working location: New Dehli, India

Are you willing to contribute your skills to have an impact on the planet and accelerate the clean energy transition?

Come join SmartHelio, a Y-Combinator-backed deep-tech company based in Switzerland, USA, and India, recognized as “Best for the world” by B-Corporation Institute for its high contribution to the clean tech & environment.

We accelerate the adoption of clean and sustainable energy in the face of climate change providing state-of-the-art technology to enhance energy market efficiency. We are disrupting the energy sector using Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, IoT, and Advanced Climate Modelling to help generate more energy from solar/wind farms and make them truly green and sustainable. Kindly visit our website for more information.

We are venturing into a high-growth phase and looking for new members to join our startup. We are hiring an experienced, innovative, and passion-driven Scientist who will work on the complex problems of clean tech and climate science.


1. Strong command over the signals and system (signals’ processing, interference in signals, noise handling, pattern identification and recognition in signals, etc.) with in-depth knowledge of signal and system theories/principles (transformation theories - Z and Laplace, Linear/Non-linear/Continuous/Discrete Time-Invariant System, Fourier analysis of time signals and systems, state space analysis, and random variables and processes, etc.).

2. Extensive practical experience in putting into use prominent modeling theories and methods (probabilistic models, stochastic processes, correlation functions, power spectra, spectral factorization, etc.).

3. Excellent knowledge of Data Science (analytics, machine learning, pattern identification) with proven experience in deep learning methodologies.

4. In-depth knowledge of electrical/power systems with working experience in analyzing, manipulating, and handling power signals.

5. Working knowledge of power electronics and control systems.

6. Strong mathematical modeling skills with proven working experience in conceptualizing and building complex system models.

7. Excellent command of Python programming language.

8. 5+ years of dedicated research experience in the field of signals, systems, and modeling. In the case of exceptionally good candidates, these criteria can be relaxed.

9. A Ph.D. (preferred) with a major in the field of Signals and systems and machine/deep learning with proven research experience in the field of data science, and deep learning with excellent exposure to electrical system modeling, or power signal analysis. For such candidates, the experience gained during their Ph.D. program will be considered as the relevant work experience.


Master with a major in the field of Signals and systems and deep learning/data science/applied mathematics/statistics with proven 3.5+ years experience in the field of deep learning, data science, electrical system modeling, or power signal analysis.


Bachelor's degree in the relevant fields (machine learning or electrical/electronics engineering or mathematics/statistics) with 5+ years of dedicated and proven research experience in the field of data science, and deep learning with excellent exposure to electrical system modeling, or power signal analysis.

10. Willingness to work in a fast-paced start-up environment.

11. Ability to read, review, comprehend, summarize, and present research publications/patents.

Nice to have

1. Working knowledge of pattern recognition and signal processing using Data analysis.

2. Experience in analyzing galactic radio noise, and cosmic noise/signals.

3. Working experience in machine/deep learning

What will we do together?

1. Analyze complex electrical PV systems and prepare their accurate mathematical models.

2. Conceptualize and design models to analyze the time-series power signals.

3. Develop methods and models to decouple the signals of various electrical components (PV modules, connectors, wires, electrical faults) from the primary power signal.

4. Build an electrical component health estimator model to accurately estimate the specified component’s health.

5. Use pattern recognition and signal processing techniques to detect faults/errors on a real-time basis in a photovoltaic electrical system.

6. Use machine learning and deep learning techniques along with system and signal models to predict the electrical system/component failure.

7. Provide technical support and domain knowledge to various internal stakeholders.

8. Maintain proper documentation at each level of the development and operation

9. Excellent presentation skills (technical & non-technical)

Compensation & Benefits

1. A highly competitive salary as per the market standard.

2. Additional ESOPs and performance bonuses based on the candidate’s performance.

4. Opportunity to work in an international environment.

5. Opportunity to work with Swiss and European Research Institutions and closely collaborate with top global tech researchers.

7. Ample opportunities to learn and grow professionally. We conduct monthly professional & personal productivity workshops.

8. Conceptualize, write, and live your own startup story with full autonomy and under brilliant mentorship.

If you are interested in the position and think you would be a good fit, please fill out the application below. Successful candidates will be contacted for further steps.