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San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

Look around. (No really — do it!) What can you see that didn’t make its way to you in a truck?

Our modern world runs on trucking. But unfortunately, the industry is rife with raw deals, poor conditions, and low pay.

TrueNorth is on a mission to overhaul the trucking industry by focusing on the people who actually do the work — the drivers. Our team, made up of alums Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Tesla, Facebook, YC, and more, is building software that will become the operating system of trucking. We’ll succeed by automating busywork, cutting out middlemen, and ensuring that the people who do the lion’s share of the work take home the lion’s share of the profits.

We’re a small team centered around a common mission: profits to truckers. We operate with a strong set of operating principles:

  1. Win Together: We appreciate what every person brings to the team. We assume our teammates have good intentions. We share the credit. We support, push, and celebrate each other every day. We’re heading towards our destination as a team, and we’ll only win if we work together.
  2. Be an Owner-Operator: Our customers are owner-operators; so are we. As owners, we constantly step up and drive the business forward. We do what we say we’ll do, to our customers and our teammates. We roll up our sleeves and do the work. We understand that it’s not somebody else’s job to build a great product and company — it’s ours.
  3. Solve the Right Problems: We frequently stop and ask ourselves, Is this the most valuable thing I could be doing for our customers? We make sure we understand the whole problem (and everyone else does, too). We prioritize. We keep our solutions as simple as possible.
  4. Be Direct and Kind: We share our feedback directly and clearly, and we do it because we want to level up our teammates and TrueNorth. But we also remember that our coworkers are people, and we build a foundation of trust and speak with empathy.
  5. Smell the Roses: We stop and celebrate our wins, and the hard work it took to get there. As the old saying goes, it’s not just about the destination — it’s about the journey. We’re in it for the long haul, and we make sure to enjoy ourselves along the way.


If you are interested in our work but don’t see a job listing that’s directly related to your skills, please submit an application and your resume here. Sometimes we’re planning to hire for roles not yet listed, or we’ll create a new role for the right person. Please also attach a short and casual note about what role you think we could use that you’d be a great fit for.

While we prefer candidates who can work out of our San Francisco or Dallas-Fort Worth offices, we are always open to exceptional candidates who are based elsewhere. If you think you're a great fit and are excited about this role, please apply.