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Posted on Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Blockchain Engineer

Job Posted
September 19, 2023 10:32 AM

The Opportunity

You'll be joining a sharp team of engineers as a Blockchain Engineer. In this role, you'll work closely with the product team and other devs as we execute on Webacy’s core products and services.
As an experienced blockchain developer, you’ll be joining a cutting-edge blockchain technology company revolutionizing web3 security. As a member of our robustly talented engineering team, you will have the opportunity to take sincere ownership of your work and implement product and process solutions that have a real impact on Webacy’s core business. The ideal candidate will have a robust background in blockchain technologies, smart contract development, and database management.


Experience building full-stack apps and dapps
Proven experience in blockchain technologies and smart contract development.
Strong proficiency in Python, Typescript, and Solidity.
Knowledge of database management, specifically with PostgresSQL.
Familiarity with blockchain testing and security tools such as Slither, Mythril, Echidna.
Previous experience working with IPFS is a plus
Mempool API experience is recommended (ex: Alchemy, Blocknative, etc.)
Previous experience working at L1s, L2s
Robust blockchain development experience, and even contributions to the community is a plus
Excellent leadership and team management skills.

Key Responsibilities

Backend Development: Build robust and scalable backend services using Python and Typescript, leveraging a test-driven development (TDD) approach.
Smart Contract Development: Design, develop, and deploy smart contracts in Solidity using development frameworks like Hardhat, Foundry, Ethers, Waffle, and Chai.
Team Management: Lead and manage a diverse, distributed team of software engineers, providing direction and support during critical production incidents.
CI/CD Implementation: Establish and optimize continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines for internal applications and tools, ensuring the utmost application quality and efficiency.
Database Management: Oversee PostgresSQL databases, including building and maintaining oracle services, off-chain block synchronization services, and subgraphs.
Security Audits: Conduct regular security reviews and audits using tools such as Slither, Mythril, and fuzzing tools like Echidna. Utilize Python for advanced security evaluations.


Previous experience in security or cybersecurity is a plus
Early stage startup experience is a great plus
A can-do attitude and ability to do a minimum of one pull-up

About Webacy

Webacy is creating a safer web3 for all, through a platform of wallet and transaction protection products. Our product suite contains risk, notification, and smart contract infrastructure to help users and businesses monitor wallet activity, backup assets (a backup wallet for loss of access), evacuate (a panic button, for emergencies and hacks), and even set up inheritance protocols to secure assets for the unexpected. Webacy’s non-custodial (no-access) smart contracts are self-executing – enabling us to expand our product line into auto-triggered asset moves, time-locked funds, wallet risk notifications, and more nuanced security tools. Webacy is venture-backed by world-class funds and investors and has an incredible team of cybersecurity engineers and web3 developers.

How to Apply

If this role seems like a good fit, email us at
Include the role's title in your subject line.
Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done. Please include information such as: Resume, website / portfolio, LinkedIn, Twitter, details on past projects and work, etc..