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","datePosted":"2023-11-07T12:47:05.808Z","validThrough":"2023-11-30","employmentType":[],"hiringOrganization":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Whop","description":"Whop is building a platform to service the internet economy. Millions of people are building new products that they are selling guerrilla style on social media and on forums throughout the internet. Whop gives these sellers a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers visiting our marketplace. We currently handle almost $150M+ in yearly payments with thousands of active merchants. \r\n","numberOfEmployees":32,"address":[{"address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"Brooklyn, NY, USA"}}],"sameAs":"","url":"","logo":"","memberOf":{"@type":"Organization","name":"Soma Capital","description":"","logo":"","url":""},"keywords":"Commerce and Shopping, Internet Services"},"jobLocation":{"@type":"Place","address":{"@type":"PostalAddress","addressLocality":"Brooklyn, NY, USA"}}}

Growth Marketer



Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2023


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Growth Marketer

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Full-time
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 150K USD a year

About Whop

Whop is building one end-to-end platform to service the internet economy. Millions of people are building new products that they are selling guerrilla style on social media and on forums throughout the internet. Whop offers these sellers a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers who visit our marketplace. We currently handle over $200M+ in yearly payments with thousands of active sellers. Our mission is to make everyone an internet entrepreneur.

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About the role

✅ $150K with 33% bonus | Equity package with four year vest
❤️ Unlimited PTO, Health, Vision, and Dental coverage
📍 Brooklyn, New York | Check out our office here.
🥙 Daily $20 lunch, $25 dinner Uber credits
💪 State of the art gym access
💻 Latest 16 inch Macbook Pro

This role will be a Growth Marketer who reports directly to the CGO. As a Growth Marketer, you’ll be responsible for adding new GMV from your marketing campaigns after your 3-month ramp-up period.

What does the role look like?

You’ll be joining Whop as our first Growth Marketer. You’ll be the second hire in the marketing department outside of our Head of SEO. With being the second person on the marketing team, you will be able to impact the marketing org at Whop; you will be a critical piece! At Whop, your responsibility will be to increase seller velocity within our existing verticals. Your primary focus will be getting more sellers on Whop and building our initial infrastructure and dashboards within the marketing department.

We will measure success in this role in the following way: Assuming you hit your bonus, you’ll be paid $200,000 in cash per year and have a $300,000 marketing budget. Those both come out to $500,000 for this role. You’ll need to add $18,000,000 in new GMV to Whop to break even. Our goal for this role is to provide a 3x ROI after 12 months. By month 12, your initiatives must generate at least $4,500,000 in monthly GMV. Similar to sales, your bonuses will be paid out based on how you’re tracking against your month 12 targets.

You are expected to research potential campaigns, put together plans around which campaigns have the best risk-to-reward ratio, execute those campaigns, and then double down on your current campaigns or go back to the drawing board and put new campaign strategies together. Additionally, with being the first growth marketer at Whop, you will be expected to build out our initial dashboards and tracking infrastructure to measure the success of marketing at Whop.

Your biggest initial challenge will be getting up to speed within a business doing $200,000,000/yr in GMV at triple-digit annual growth. Outside of that, the most critical challenges you’ll face in your first three months will be: Thoroughly understanding our product, creating your first marketing plan, executing on it, measuring the attribution, and establishing your first ROI-positive marketing campaign. After getting up to speed, your focus will be on launching new campaigns, growing existing campaigns, and building dashboards within marketing to measure attribution.

You’ll be given different tools and resources to hit your quotas. The resources you’ll be given are a $75,000 quarterly budget to go towards marketing campaigns, a growth engineer at your disposal to use for automation in any campaigns that you deem necessary, and direct contact to any of our top sellers to ask any questions you have to understand better who our customer is.

Your first 90 days will look like the following:

  • Within 30 days, you will understand our product, clearly understand who our customer is and what we’re selling them, and have spoken with our top sellers to understand the value prop they see in Whop. You will also create your plan around the first marketing campaign you want to launch with a clear risk-to-reward outline.

  • Within 60 days, you will have launched your first campaign, built dashboards to track the campaign's success, and started seeing results.

  • Within 90 days, you will have had a campaign live for a whole month, assessed the results, and decided whether or not you want to double down or focus on a new campaign. Additionally, you’ll have a clear idea of what the market looks like and what distribution amongst top accounts is.

Who you are

To succeed in this role, you need to be extremely scrappy. In the beginning, with no marketing team, we don’t have all of the resources in the world at our disposal like some large tech companies. Hopefully, ten years from now, we can have Whop billboards everywhere, but we’re still in scrappy growth mode and need to figure out how to acquire sellers in the most effective and proficient way possible from a cost standpoint. You will do well in this role if you were someone who growing up could blow up a social page on your own or was able to make products/companies go viral with little to no resources. You’ve been able to take a little bit and turn it into a lot in life.

Whop is a marketplace for the internet economy. If you are not someone who grew up online, it won't be easy to come into Whop and quickly start running. Similar to the majority of the Whop team, you were someone who grew up chronically on the internet :). You understand internet trends very well, you’re extremely versed in internet terminology, and you understand the pools in which people spend time online and how to reach them.

Amidst being extremely creative, you don’t get lost in the clouds and can get shit done. To come up with profitable marketing campaigns with minimal resources, you not only need to be extremely witty and strategic but also very plan-oriented. You must be able to go to the clouds, come up with amazing ideas, analyze the ideas, and then put a rigid plan in place outlining success metrics and checkpoints to ensure you’re on the right track. Coming up with good ideas and plans is not enough, you must also execute your ideas and measure the success. In short, you need to be creative, goal-oriented, and able to execute.

Now, the last and most important attribute, you need to care a lot about ROI. We look at marketing very similar to sales — It’s all about money in and money out. For this specific role, the framework is very straightforward. The inputs are your salary and a $50,000 quarterly budget. The output is the success of the marketing campaigns you’ve put together, and the amount of GMV the sellers that came through your campaigns have processed. This is vital to the success of the role.


The learning curve it takes to understand our mission at Whop and what we’re building is vast, so you must either have your own business in our space or have previously worked with internet entrepreneurs. Additionally, our product is highly complex, so if you’re not familiar with Whop’s product specifically, it’s okay, but you must be adept to internet entrepreneurs and how they sell products online.

Lastly, you need to be a rockstar. You must have participated in competitive activities growing up or worked in an intense environment. You need to have won at something previously in life.

We look forward to hearing from you!

At Whop, we’re looking for people who are resourceful, competitive, and gritty. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. We welcome those who are passionate about their craft and want to work hard to build a world class product with us that will enable anyone and everyone to become an internet entrepreneur.