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Head of Customer Support



Customer Service
Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2023


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Head of Customer Support

  • Customer & Community
  • Full-time
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 185K - 225K USD a year

About Whop

Whop is building one end-to-end platform to service the internet economy. Millions of people are building new products that they are selling guerrilla style on social media and on forums throughout the internet. Whop offers these sellers a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers who visit our marketplace. We currently handle over $200M+ in yearly payments with thousands of active sellers. Our mission is to make everyone an internet entrepreneur.

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About the role

✅ $185K-225K | Equity package with four year vest
❤️ Unlimited PTO, Health, Vision, and Dental coverage
📍 Brooklyn, New York | Check out our office here.
🥙 Daily $20 lunch, $25 dinner Uber credits
💪 State of the art gym access
💻 Latest 16 inch Macbook Pro

This role will be a Head of Customer Support who reports directly to the CGO. As the Head of Customer Support, you’ll be responsible for customer happiness throughout Whop. Our goal is to build the most responsive, problem-solving, customer evangelist support team in the world. You will have all of the resources at the disposal of the business to create that. People say they are customer-centric and that support matters, we are living that and your job is to continue to grow and lead an organization that people will talk about in the same way that they talk about Zappos!

What does the role look like?

You’ll be joining Whop as the Head of Customer Support. You’ll be the first formal manager on the Customer Support team and report to the CGO. You will manage a team of 14 total reps (5 US, 9 Intl). As the Head of Customer Support, you will have complete autonomy over the entire CS function. With being the first managerial hire, you’ll have an outsized opportunity to shape the strategy, composition, and tactics of our entire CS org! Your success will be measured by KPIs that you create in the context of the broader needs for the growth of our business

You are expected to oversee the entire Customer Support function at Whop. This means you are solely responsible for ensuring that customers coming through support at Whop have the greatest support experience possible. At Whop, we do not look at Customer Support as a negative ROI function, quite the opposite actually, we view Customer Support as having the potential to act as the greatest marketing funnel within the company. Giving customers an unforgettable experience will compound and pay lifetime dividends.

Your biggest initial challenge will be getting up to speed within a business that is doing $200,000,000/yr in GMV at triple-digit annual growth. Outside of that, the most critical challenges you’ll face in your first three months will be: Thoroughly understanding our product, determining which KPIs to use to measure success, creating dashboards, creating an onboarding process for new hires, and lastly, building systems within CS to handle customers who are pissed off, reps getting funneled bugs, and figuring out the most efficient way for those bugs to make their way to the product team as fast as possible.

Post month three and beyond, your focus will turn to managing results (KPIs), setting strategy, hiring and management of personnel, managing tight feedback loops amongst the team, streamlining product feedback from CS -> Product, launching new campaigns (buying pizza for unhappy customers), and creating and improving internal tools.

You’ll be given different tools and resources to hit your quotas. The resources you’ll be given are a $10,000 quarterly budget to put towards initiatives within the team to give back to customers and for internal competitions, two CS developers who will act as support reps + be able to improve admin tooling, prioritized product enhancements/feedback loops to ensure we’re making the product better based on CS’s feedback, and complete autonomy on scaling your org how you’d like!

Your first 90 days will look like the following:

  • Within 30 days, you will put in 100 hours of your own customer support, understand our product inside and out, determine the KPIs Customer Support will be measured on, set up dashboards that reflect those KPIs, understand the feedback cycle from CS → Product, and a general hiring plan mapped out for the next six months.

  • Within 60 days, you will have created a new onboarding process for new hires, have rigid systems in place for feedback loops within the team, kicked off your hiring plans, and finished building out your suite of updated admin tools for reps to utilize.

  • Within 90 days, you will have made improvements against the KPIs you set out, all KPI dashboards are public in the office, response times from your team are optimal, you’ve created AB testing tools within CS to measure what kind of chats/responses perform best, began implementing initiatives for customers, your systems are ready for scale, and you’re fully ramped up.

Who you are

First, if you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill 9-5 role that includes a 40-hour work week, this is not for you. It's not to say that 9-5's are bad, but we're setting expectations up front--we're a 24.7.365 business that has customers around the world who need support every single day. If you are someone who gets excited about the idea of being a part of a team that is the absolute best in the world at Customer Support, then this role is for you 🤝.

At Whop, we move extremely quickly. Our business has grown 10x in the last year, we’re constantly pushing product updates, we're growing like crazy, and we take focus very seriously. To be able to succeed in this role, you need to be someone who is highly organized and can build systems that scale. For example, you’ll have a team of 15+ reps, those reps will have questions about the product. What is the most efficient way for them to ask questions about the product without hurting their response time and in a manner that compounds for future hires? The goal is to one day have you lead a team of 100+ reps, and to do so, you need to be extremely organized and build systems that scale well!

No day ever looks the same at Whop. We may push a massive new feature or have a bug causing tons of support tickets to open. First, you must always be calm, cool, and collected. There will be high and low moments, but you must always be ready to take anything that life at Whop throws your way. Reliability must be important to you. We rely on you. We value promptness, we value being true to your word. Both are paramount to success in this role. You will be expected to run a tight ship of a no-BS team, and it all starts from the top with you, setting the example for the team. Your friends would describe you as someone who no matter what, will always figure out a way to get the job done

There is no single formula in the world to measure how successful a customer support team is. We believe there are plenty of teams that have done it right, like Zappos, Disney, and Four Seasons, to name a few. All those teams had extremely tight grips on the data related to the customer experience. To succeed in this role, you must embody those values and frequently work backward from goals. Through data, we’ll be able to measure which customers are the happiest and build plans working backward from your data findings. Data will be your best friend in this role.

To have a team of amazing performers, you must give strong feedback and be comfortable with being uncomfortable when appropriate. Giving good feedback is not easy, and most are not good at it. You’re a good fit for this role if your friends and family describe you as someone who is really good at having hard conversations.  It’s not enough for you to be good, we expect you to create a team where feedback is valued, given properly, and constantly. You will be expected to train a team of extremely high-performers who constantly give each other feedback.

Lastly, you must genuinely want to create the best customer support experience in the world. With what’s expected from you in this role, if you are not obsessed with creating the best support experience in the world, you will not succeed in this role, and this will not be for you. You must always have an above-and-beyond mentality and always ask yourself and your team, “What else can I do for this customer to give them a better experience?”. You will also be expected to get your hands dirty and put in 5+ hours of your own support each week to put yourself in the shoes of your reps and understand their workflow and ways you can improve it. You’ll also get a real sense of why users are reaching out to support by doing it on your own!


  • To provide the level of service we want to our customers: It is a non-negotiable that you have previous experience with one of the following:

    • Customer Support

    • Customer Success 

    • Hospitality

    • a customer-facing function.

  • 3+ years experience running or being a team lead on a high-performing Customer Support team.

  • Experience working at other internet companies with large support teams operating at high output. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

At Whop, we’re looking for people who are resourceful, competitive, and gritty. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. We welcome those who are passionate about their craft and want to work hard to build a world class product with us that will enable anyone and everyone to become an internet entrepreneur.