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Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on Saturday, May 4, 2024

About Whop

Whop is on a mission to create a new paradigm of the internet – where connection, consumption, creation and commerce can happen all in one place. People come to Whop every month, from nearly every country, to learn new things, meet new people, and elevate their daily lives.

Less than 3 years into our existence, we have enabled tens of thousands of creators to earn nearly $315M by selling access to increasingly diverse digital offerings. Our apps infrastructure allows anyone to build a digital experience, and our marketplace offers creators a sleek storefront that can accept payments, seamlessly deliver digital products, and attract new customers.

We envision a future in which everyone is an internet entrepreneur. Join us in making that future a reality.

About the role

Title: Creator Acquisition (Account Executive)

✅ Salary: $130,000 base, $260,00 OTE, and a competitive equity package

❤️ Unlimited PTO, Health, Vision, and Dental coverage

📍 Brooklyn, NY: You’ll work in our beautiful office building in front of Domino Park, facing the East River.

🥙 In office daily $20 lunch, $25 dinner Uber credits

💪 In office state-of-the-art gym access in our beautiful office building

The Account Executive reports directly to the Head of Revenue. As an Account Executive, you’ll be responsible for closing $3m per quarter in new GMV from your accounts after your 3-month ramp-up period.

What does the role look like?

You’ll be joining Whop as an Account Executive, reporting to the Head of Revenue, and joining a continually growing team of AEs! At Whop, your responsibility will be to hit quota; Your quota will be adding $3,000,000 in new GMV to Whop, which is measured quarterly. This means you’re expected to close roughly ~$1m in new GMV monthly.

You are expected to source leads (creators online with distribution both monetized & un-monetized), sell them by figuring out their pain points, onboard them, and pass the sale off to their Account Manager! Whop's relationship with customers starts with you! We expect you to be the front line of feedback from our customers. You will be asked to funnel insights into the organization to improve product and marketing.

You’ll be given different tools and resources to hit your quotas. The resources you’ll be given are a $5,000 quarterly budget to help with closing sales, a Sales Operations Associate to automate anything that would help you move quicker/close more, as well as to help prepare insights on leads, and the Whop Twitter account for outreach. You will also be given a list of verticals/creators that we are already targeting, plus new ones we wish to target.

Your first 90 days will look like the following:

  • Within 30 days, you will understand our product, how to source leads, how to get in contact with leads, how to close leads, have a clear understanding of our ICP and what we’re selling them, and understand common pain points leads have. You will have also started reaching out to your list of leads and closing your first deal.
  • Within 60 days, you will have hit 10% of your quota.
  • Within 90 days, you will have hit 20% of your quota and be fully ramped up.

Who you are:

At Whop, you will constantly be put in positions where you’re the new kid on the block and have to make a name for yourself as it relates to selling. You’re someone who could be dropped in any random city in the world and be able to figure things out. Friends and co-workers would tag you as someone who is extremely curious. You’re able to develop rapport with new people you meet quickly. People in your life trust you immensely, and many would consider you one of the most trustworthy/reliable people they know.

Whop is a complex product. With that, you are expected to be a swift learner. You’re someone who has either had their own business within the creator/online entrepreneur space or has worked at a company that services internet entrepreneurs in some aspect. Bonus points if you have sold products or bought digital products on Whop directly! You should have a clear understanding of the products being sold on Whop. You’re someone who is never satisfied and plans on constantly iterating our pitch to ensure it’s always as strong as possible.

You’re someone who wants to join a company that is changing the world for Content Creators. The company is growing 10x YoY; you will be expected to move with urgency, have high initiative, and put in the hours necessary to do whatever it takes to win. You’re someone who loves competition and has been involved in competition throughout your life.

You must be highly resourceful to win a deal. You’re someone who, if needed, could take a lead, find their house address, and send them a personalized gift with some personal touch added. You will be expected to be highly up-to-date on current events within the online/internet world. You should be able to quickly pick up on new trends and talk about highly relevant topics on calls with leads.

Sales at Whop is all about storytelling. You’re asking a business doing millions of dollars annually to trust you to move their business to Whop. If you’re trying to pitch a new lead on joining and giving them facts about why Whop is better, you’ll never win the deal. The art of bringing new business onto Whop is all about storytelling and taking the lead on a journey of how together we can change the world.


  • Previous experience in Sales or Business Consulting
  • Familiar with at least one of the following verticals: Sports Betting, Making Money Online, Health & Wellness, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Crypto, Reselling, Trading, Travel.

Nice to have:

  • Experience working closely with product teams. (not a requirement)
  • Have had your own business in our space or have bought digital products from Whop creators or similar products.

Find out more about us here <- this is Whop's whop you'll find more links about us as well as have a chance to play around with the platform.