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Founding Rust + Typescript Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Paris, France
Posted on Sunday, April 21, 2024
Windmill is an open-source developer platform and workflow engine written in Rust with a frontend in TypeScript + Svelte and a CLI in TypeScript

It is popular with thousands of orgs using it in production every day, including enterprise customers. Windmill is the fastest workflow engine:

The architecture is surprisingly simple: - Postgresql (which includes the queue) - Servers (serve the frontend + API) - Workers (execute the jobs)

Windmill is the easiest way to write and deploy to production scripts in TypeScript, Python, Go, Bash, SQL and run them on the most efficient self-hostable infrastructure. It is poised to become the core of the internal stacks of the modern enterprise.

Try the app here

The team is based in Paris and looking to hire its next founding engineer